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The Fundamental Problem With Our Surveys

The fundamental problem with surveys stems from the fact that few people who write questionnaires have any serious training in the discipline. When I talk with groups who do survey research and ask, “How many of you have a book on your desk on how to write questionnaires?”, few raise their hands, and many can’t

Surveys Affect Your Company’s Reputation

How we write questionnaires really matters. It isn’t just about getting better data for better decisions, it is about our company’s reputation. Probably because I wrote a book on the topic of questionnaire design, people contact me daily about their experiences taking surveys. Just about every other day, I get an email that says something

Six Things to Consider When Designing Scales in Survey Research

It is helpful for questionnaire writers to have a toolbox of key issues to consider when constructing rating scales. Here is a toolbox: 1. What do you want to measure (e.g., likelihood, interest, satisfaction, or something else)? Consider how people think about the topic of interest and what information you really need. 2. Should you